Adrià Mercader

April, 2024

A new job

January, 2024

Exploring Machine Learning features in data catalogs (Part 2)

Exploring Machine Learning features in data catalogs (Part 1)

December, 2023

New adventures

November, 2023

Choosing a map provider in ckanext-spatial

February, 2023 fem només una cosa, i fem-la bé

November, 2022

TIL (the hard way): Alpine Linux does not ship Bash by default

January, 2022


December, 2021

Munibot News

August, 2021

Casual OpenStreetMapping

June, 2021

Munibot Maps: Vector tiles with Maplibre GL JS

March, 2021

Replacing CKAN's web framework: changing the wheels while driving

January, 2021


December, 2020

Munibot, the friendly geo Twitter bot

June, 2020

Beware of JSON fields in SQLAlchemy

January, 2020

I'm here

December, 2019


November, 2019

Some podcasts I've tuned into

Writing (a blog) again

January, 2013

Mapping library closures: a tale of budget cuts, civic hacking and [Open]Data

November, 2012

Import RunKeeper data to PostGIS and visualize it with Torque

October, 2012

OpenLayers Cookbook review

March, 2012

Around the world in 80 Wikipedia articles

December, 2011

2011 Wrap up

April, 2011

Exploding multi-geometries with PostGIS

A nice video about Open Government Data

Europeana Hackathon

March, 2011

Does the world need another blog?