Adrià Mercader

A new job

April 9, 2024 | Archive

I got a new job! It’s a good one, I’ve been very lucky.

Last week I joined Link Digital, one of the key members of the CKAN ecosystem, where I’ll be able to focus most of my time in the development and maintenance of CKAN itself. This means not only scoping and developing new features, but also improving processes, automating maintenance stuff, reducing technical debt, etc. The sort of thing that is both really important for a healthy open source project but also unlikely to attract contributions. It will be amazing being funded to work on this stuff for a change, instead of doing it in my own time or while juggling other projects.

But the best thing is I’m not starting on my own. My long standing colleague at the Tech Team Ian Ward is also joining, and I’m looking forward to pairing with him and other devs at Link Digital like Sergey, Brett, Oleksandr, Tome and others, to be able to tackle big (and small) tasks that will bring CKAN forward.

I’ve known and worked with my bosses before (Steven, chairman and Paul, CTO). They are good people and we align in a lot of our thinking regarding the CKAN project and its role within the wider Open movement, and I’m confident I’ll be able to bring my own perspective.

There are many things that need to be defined in terms of how we will work, or what we will focus on, but I’m sure good things will come out of it.

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