Adrià Mercader

I'm here

January 31, 2020 | Archive

A rainbow over a hand

Our youngest son is at that magical stage when his speaking is really starting to pick up. In a short period of time he has started to use more and more new words, combining different ones and expressing more complex concepts. There has been something he learnt recently though that really stuck with me.

Soc aquí

Literally, “I’m here”.

What’s special is that he won’t say it as an answer for us wondering where he is. He will say it when entering a room to greet you, or after playing on his own for a while in the same room as you, or even repeat it over and over to himself.

I’m here.

Ser and estar are a common headache for English speakers learning Spanish or Catalan. They both can be translated as “to be” but have different usages depending of whether you want to convey location, permanence, existence, etc. (and they work in different ways in Catalan and Spanish, a Spanish kid would say Estoy aquí). Which means that there are lot of layers and nuances that you can find in these words.

I like to think that he has discovered them as a way to reaffirm his presence in this big and new world. To anchor himself in this new exciting place. There are lots of things happening and he definitely wants to be part of them.

I’m here.

Of course you are, and we are so glad of it.