Adrià Mercader

Writing (a blog) again

November 23, 2019 | Archive

Well here we are. This will be my first post in *checks archive* … almost 7 years so I guess better late than never. The first version of my website, which I put together back in 2010, did have a blog where I posted fairly occasionally. I did enjoy putting posts together but as it often happens I started to put it off more and more until they became rarer and rarer.

But recently I started missing writing blog posts again. I do quite a lot of writing in my job, perhaps even more than coding nowadays. Emails, code reviews, support requests, proposal documents, technical documentation… It is common knowledge that good writing skills are as important as technical ones for a developer, and I’ve always tried to put that extra effort and keep improving my writing, especially since English is not my mother tongue.

I want to get in the habit of writing more, without worrying too much about whether readers will find it interesting, or having to write about something novel or exciting. So far I have ideas for posts about podcasts, children books and lots of CKAN and other tech related stuff. Let’s see how many of these materialize in the end!