Does the world need another blog?

# Posted on Wednesday, 30th March 2011 , under Meta

Probably not.

Some say blogs are not cool any more (i.e. they are "dead"), left behind by the frantic pace of Twitter and Facebook. News and ideas are more and more condensed to fit the sacred 140 characters, and they become outdated sooner than ever before. I use Twitter and Facebook daily, but I still found the most interesting and useful resources reading blogs. I value the effort the authors (at least some of them) put into presenting their ideas and knowledge. So I thought I could spend some time sharing some of my thoughts too.

A couple of quick facts for those of you who don't know me:

  • I was born in Tarragona and I'm currently living in the UK, in Newcastle upon Tyne.
  • I'm a web developer with a strong background in the geospatial field. I work with Open software and standards.
  • If I had to choose three pieces of software to take to a desert island, I would probably pick Python, OpenLayers and PostGIS.

As a proper hacker, I wrote my own website and blog engine (with Pylons, in case you were wondering) so please bear with me if you find some glitch or odd behaviour. You can subscribe to the Atom or RSS feeds or follow me on @amercader to hear about new posts.

If you made it this far, thanks for your time and hope to see you around!


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